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Aloha Nui Loa

-"My Hawaiian Prayer"  by Dr. Doris Roberts  (click on picture)

The Whispering Soul

Who be I when I am without form?

I be a wanderer in this place that I have known.

Am I still important when I rise beyond my form?

Do I still make a difference to the ones that I have known?

I am not the same and yet I am

I am important 'cause I still be.

There is still a meaning to me,

because I do exist.

For I am the sea, I am the sky, I am the mountains, I am the stars, I am the flowers, I am the rock,

I am the breeze.

The feeling that I be, stills dwells within me.

With this freedom, I now wander the earth.

I move and feel the earth's rhythm,

So who be I when I am without form?

The answer is simple just look around and know that I still am.

-Written by Karen Lee Chow (daughter to Dris)

I have done all I can.  Nothing more I must do, 

To be all that I am

Whenever I’m near you.  I’m lost in the space  

Of how dazzling you are,                       

It’s an interesting place,   

I never knew how far. 

-Doris Paine Roberts

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